About us

Hi. Welcome to our blog, Footprints around the world. Growing up, I fell in love with travel, as I was privileged to have visited and lived on 4 continents by the age of 18. Travel to some might be seen as a form of escape, but to me, travel is where I flourish. The whole gamut of travel is something I love, from the research and planning phase to the execution phase. While most of my travel has been done solo, having a travel partner certainly has its perks. That is where Bert comes in. Our mutual love for travel and the outdoors helped cement our relationship. On this blog, I will be the main writer, while Bert serves as editor-in-chief, man behind the technical aspects of the blog and all-time photographer.

Why footprints around the world?

As our itchy feet traverse the different corners of the world, near and far, we will share with you the ins and outs of the various places we visit. While footprints do not typically leave indelible marks, this blog will hopefully leave impressions with you, which cause you to embrace the diversity in the world.

Bert & Tayo aka B&T.

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